Tribal Markets

The different tribes in the country have a weekly market to buy and sell their produces. In every market are colorful events. The market places turn into lively places, attracting people from all around the region. The markets are exciting too and you may have the opportunity to buy some of the tribal regalia and artifacts.

The following are Special towns with their respective market days and with corresponding ethnic groups to be visited:

  • Turmi Market on Monday and Saturday- The Hamer people can be visited.
  • Demeka Market on Tuesday and Saturday- The Hamer people can be visited.
  • Key Afar Market on Thursday - Benna, Tsemay, and Ari people can be seen.
  • Bati Market on Monday- Afar people and camel caravan can be visited
  • Senbete Market on Sunday – Amhara, Oromo and Afar people can be seen.