Ethiopia is a county of great geographical diversity. It has high and rugged mountains, flat-topped plateax called Ambas deep gorges river valleys and rolling plains its altitude ranges form the highest peak at Ras Dashen (4620) meters above sea level) down to the dalol depression which is 148 meters below sea level. A lage part of the county comprises of high plateaux and mountain ranges with precipitous edges dissected by rushing streams that are tributaries of bigger rivers.

Sof Omar

Sof Omar is one of the world’s most spectacular and extensive underground systems, with echo chambers, soaring stone pillars and high-arched vaults following the river’s course.

Bird Watching

With 863 bird species, out of which 32 are endemic to Ethiopia while 14 of them are shared only with Eritrea. Cognizant of this Ethiopia is a must be visited country for every bird enthusiast.

Dallol Depression

Dalol is 100 km from North West of Erta Ale in the lowest part of Danakil Depression - 116 m below sea level. It is an extremely hot and inhospitable place but enjoyable and extraordinary colorful landscape;

Lake Tana

Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia is the source of the Blue Nile from where it starts its long journey to Khartoum and on to the Mediterranean. The 37 islands that are scattered about

Ethiopia is a land of natural contrasts, from the tops of the rugged Simien Mountains to the depth of the Danakil Depression, at 116meters below sea level one of the lowest dry land points on earth. The cornucopia of natural beauty that blesses Ethiopia offers an astonishing variety of landscapes: Afro-alpine highlands soaring to around 4300 meters, deserts sprinkled with salt flats and yellow Sulphur, lake lands with rare and beautiful birds, moors and mountains, the splendor of the Great Rift Valley, white-water rivers, savannah teeming with game, giant waterfalls, dense and lush jungle ... the list is endless.

Ethiopia's many national parks enable the visitor to enjoy the countries scenery and its wild life, conserved in natural habitats, and offer opportunities for travel adventure unparalleled in Africa.