Sof Omar

Sof Omar is one of the world’s most spectacular and extensive underground systems, with echo chambers, soaring stone pillars and high-arched vaults following the river’s course.

To walk through this amazing natural phenomenon along the direct route takes about an hour at a good walking pace.

Visitors with time to spare may witness some magnificent rock formation which the Weyb River has carved out on its underground odyssey. Of particular interest is the chamber of columns’, where the limestone pillars reach up to20 meters (66 feet) to the vaulted grotto’s roof. Torches are indispensable there. But also the Weyb River is also infested with crocodiles the reptiles; fortunately stay away from this dark maze, preferring the sunshine outside.

Surprisingly another Islamic shrine, which attracts pilgrims from all over eastern Ethiopia, is an even more isolated location, near the Wabi Shebele River.