We are uniquely experienced to introduce the traveler to the numerous features of Ethiopia, Which is the country with Ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Ethiopia is endowed with a variety and depth of natural, historical ,cultural and religious riches that have yet to be discovered by the world.

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Travel in Ethiopia with Kids (Claire A Davies)

In Travel in Ethiopia with Kids, Claire A Davies shares her travel experience with her four years old son. From Jet lag to food, among others, could be a challenge but suggests ways to overcome it. Three weeks ago I was sitting on the balcony in

A Journey into Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains National Park

A road-trip through this unique East African nation reveals an extraordinary cultural mix, and a landscape of powerful beauty. We flew south from Istanbul through the first part of the night, my fiancé, Wen, and I. It was an uncertain time, the winter of 2016-17 —