Awash Harar and Afar 14 Days and 13 Nights

Visiting the lave lake, saline lakes, salt plain, hyena man feeding, birds……

Tour Code:  

Type of Tour:   Nature (Awash,Harar,Afar)

Duration of stay:   14days/13nights

Means of Transportation: surface

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa and transfer to a hotel.

Day 2: Drive to Awash National Park and evening game viewing and bird watching tours in Awash National park. O/n Awash in a Hotel

Day 3: Drive to Harar and evening watching of hyena man feeding

Day 4: A day sight seeing tours of Harar o/n Dire Dawa in a hotel

Day 5: Drive from Dire Dawa to Awash o/n Awash in a hotel

Day 6:  Drive from Awash to Asayta. O/n Asayta

Day 7: Driving excursion to Lake Abe. O/n Asayta

Day 8: Day drive to Lake Afdera. O/n Afdera

Day 9: Day drive to Ertale.o/n Ertale

Day 10: Day drive from Ertale to Hamed Ela o/n Hamed Ela

Day 11: Driving excursion to Dalol Depression. O/n Hamed Ela

Day 12.Day drive to Mekele o/n Mekele

Day 13: Day drive back from Mekele to Kombolcha. O/n Kombolcha

Day 14: Day drive back to Addis Ababa and attend in the traditional restaurant for dinner as well as see the impressive cultural dancing of different ethnics  then fly back home