Historic Tours - Tigray Rock Hewn Churches

A historical place that you visit Frescoe paintings more than 500 hundred centuries. They have also hiking values with having the surrounding panoramic view.

Tour Code: RFT-002

Tour Type: Historic

Means of Transportation: flight and surface

Duration of Stay: 6 days/5 nights

Day 01 arrival and city tour of Addis

Day 02 fly to Mekele which is the capital of Tigrean region and visit the interesting museum o/n Wukro

Day 03 starting visiting the rock hewn churches of Tigray Abreha we Atsbiha, from Gheralta clusters: Yohannes Maqudi,Abune Abreham Debretsion,Mareyam qorqur and Daniel qorqur o/n Geralta

Day 04 proceed to the others Abune Yimeata Guh which is said as a pillar of sky,Gebre Mikael Quoraro and Mareyam pappasetti o/n Geralta

Day 05 drive to see the Tsaede Amba cluster churches: Medanealem Adikesho,Mikael Milehazengi  and Petros we Pawlos  o/n Mekele

Day 06 in the morning drive to visit the beautiful semi monolithic rock hewn church of Mikael Imba from Atsbi cluster and fly back to Addis afternoon